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From Carnivore to Herbivore

I never saw this day coming. Not one bit. I've been a chicken, steak, fish, shellfish, bison, venison, you name it, eating girl since I was able to start chewing. In America, we are raised on the basis that the "All-American" way of living is meat and dairy. "Make sure you get your daily glass of milk. Eat your steak and potatoes, and lastly, have a bit of vegetables on the side!" A "bit" of vegetables?!- Read All
Promotes complete
digestion and a
healthy digestive tract.*

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Promotes a healthy
cardiovascular system.

Includes lipase for the increased
breakdown and utilization of fats.*

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Promoting faster recovery
from strenuous activity,

and optimizing the
body’s renewal processes.*
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Promotes healthy brain, circulatory, and cardiovascular function.*

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